Marina - numerical simulation of free surface flows

The software package Marina2D is a hydro- and morphodynamics simulation system for rivers, lakes, estuaries and coastal areas. The numerical approximation of the depth-integrated Reynolds equations, transport equations and Exner equation is done with stabilized finite elements. A well-developed strategy for describing drying and flooding conditions allows the application of this method for complex river and estuary topographies.

The software package has been successfully used and further developed in various projects in both coastal and riverine areas.

The whole simulation system, i.e. Marina together with the pre- and post-processing tools, offers a complete process chain: from preparation of raw data for grid generation to analysis and interpretation of the computation results.

The input data for the model can be created and modified using the pre-processor Janet. The computation results can be interpreted and displayed by the post-processor Davit.

For detailed questions concerning the model and its applications, please contact Mr. Milbradt.

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last update: 25.May.2020