Janet - model setup

The pre-processor Janet is an efficient tool for generating and editing grids for different numerical methods. It includes special support for the numerical simulation models Marina, Telemac [1], UnTRIM, HydroAS, Basement and Swan.

The software allows the generation of:

  • -unstructured triangular meshes for finite-element methods

  • -structured grids for finite difference methods as well as orthogonal unstructured grids for finite volume methods

Janet provides interfaces for working with the widespread HN model Telemac, the simulation model Marina and the FDM/FVM model UnTRIM. By providing a wide variety of data interfaces, it enables the integration of all relevant information in the modeling process.

With Janet all tasks of creating, analyzing and optimizing model grids can be done entirely on its intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface.

This software product has already been used successfully by numerous institutions in coastal and riverine projects.

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last update: 25.May.2020