Davit visualization and analysis of simulation data

The post-processor Davit is a software system to analyze simulation data generated by hydrodynamic numerical models. It supports both depth-integrated 2D model results as well as data from 3D models.

The software allows the user to efficiently explore the simulation data by providing intuitive access to individual data records in a simulation data file.

It also offers various analysis and visualization tools which allow detailed analysis and sophisticated graphical presentation of the result data. For the creation of restart files the post-processor Davit allows the mapping of simulation data to grids with modified geometries.

The post-processor is designed as a model-independent tool. It currently supports the following formats: Selafin (Telemac), TICAD-Syserg, UnTRIM and Hydro_AS-2D.

All interactions with Davit are performed entirely on its intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface.

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last update: 06.Dec.2018